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A sampling from Jennifer Louden

June 10th, 2009

Today's Yummy Taste: Self-Trust -- A Daily Dollop and a Workshop Excerpt
Self-trust was our theme the first month at the Comfort Cafe and golly, what a huge whoosh of self-care that started!

The Not Quite So Daily Dollop
To live an aware, awake life, we must keep discovering ourselves -- who we are, what we believe in, what we are willing to die for or simply to take a stand on -- again and again. There is no fixed identity or even set of beliefs to arrive at -- life is a work in progress. Never has that been more true. But to improvise, to create the life you want, you must cultivate self-trust.

Self-trust is especially needed when life is changing and you are reinventing yourself -- and that's almost always. Self-trust gives us the faith and energy to move forward because fundamentally we know we can survive whatever comes.

I once believed that trusting myself meant I had to have made (mostly) the right decisions in the past, at least in the big things, and cert…