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Against my (better) judgement;Desperate times;What am I doing?

This blog post may sound all over the place, as my thoughts are too. First of all, on the advice of my husband, I took the plunge and opened an EBAY store. I know, I know, many others have advised against this. Their fees are too high, the site is slow to download, etc, etc. But, they do have a high number of dedicated customers. And so, in these desperate times, I'll give it a try! Here's a few things that you'll find over there:

Last week I didn't make much new, due to the fact that I did work a temporary job at Edible It was very busy and tiring, since it was Valentine week. Well, at least I brought in a paycheck for the week! My quest continues, as I look for a part/full time job, even if I do have to go back into veterinary medicine.

I do need to make some earrings as requested by one of the galleries that I have some things in right now. And, on the other hand, I'm having problems with another shop that I have jewelry in, and may pull my stuff…