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Home shows: my last show of 2009

It's been a mad dash to get everything together for my last show of the year, which was this past Thursday, early evening. This is the second year I've done a holiday open house. Now the funny thing, well, not so funny is that I had a pipe leaking behind a wall in my bathroom and had to call in a plumber that morning, just to find out that the walls had to come down and there is dry wall damage. What fun! And what timing!

Just lovely, isn't it?
Anyway....THE SHOW: It was a very low turnout. I did make a little money which is good and helps out, but not as good as last year's. I contribute this to 2 things:
One, the economy. People are not spending as much this year. And 2, I don't think I talked about it or invited quests early enough for them to plan ahead. I think last year I started talking about it a month prior, and this year, I waited until about a week and a half to invite. Oh well, lesson learned.
A home show IS a great way to sell; make money; have friends ove…