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Me Too~ Experience the God Who Understands~ by Jon Weece

Do you feel pain? Are you suffering emotionally? Do people really care? Does God understand? In this book, Pastor Jon Weece shows the reader that God does understand, cares, and loves us. If your life is moving too fast, or bringing you down, let these examples of God’s Grace lead you into peace.
In this book, the author teaches us what Jesus did for us, what he continues to do, and will continue to do in this life and the afterlife. Pastor Weece shares from personal stories, where the reader can honestly say, “Me too”. You will learn many facets of Jesus’ love and understanding through chapters that touch on humility, grace, receptivity, responsibility, unity, eternity, and others.
My thoughts on the book: While the message is clear and the book is easy to read, it does become a little bit basic and sometimes repetitive, when the author gives his own examples of personal stories. It’s like to say,” Wow, you’ve really lived a full life”; and quite possibly he has. That’s j…