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A very relaxing weekend

Welcome to my post holiday weekend update! Can you believe it? I did not do any work this weekend! That's rare for me. I did get a little bored; I'm not used to "just relaxing" and not trying to "produce" something all the time.
Went to a birthday party/cook out. It was fun.

I made the birthday girl earrings.

So I finally broke down and decided to buy a professional, commercial style canopy/ tent for doing art shows. Lots of good art shows are "juried" and require white tents, so in order to get into higher end shows, I took the plunge.

Now unfortunately, I have to send it back. The frame is bent, the side walls are poorly constructed, and have tiny pin holes in them. I guess it's true; you get what you pay for. I ended up, yesterday, ordering a more expensive, (the one I really wanted anyway) EZ Up canopy. I hope I got it right this time!