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Lack of motivation or time?

As I sit and enjoy my Chinese green tea in my cast iron tea pot, I remind myself; "enjoy it, `cause I might not get much time to enjoy later." I say this because I feel like my life has been nothing but running, running, running. I tried to slow down over the holidays, relax, spend some quite time with myself and read a book. Well, I did finish that book, and really, really enjoyed doing nothing else.
Do I have any new jewelry pieces to share with you? No. But I did treat myself to purchasing some new beads, for hope of motivating myself to get moving and creating new jewelry.

In order to free up some time, I had to quit a couple of the groups that I belonged to; making the most productive ones priority. I cannot do everything! I have recently discovered.
I have so, so many ideas to create new things. Many which won't come to fruition unless, 1) I find the time to sit down and actually create them, 2)I sell some of my jewelry already waiting for new homes, 3)I become indepe…