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Giveaway winner, working with the new camera, reading blogs, I'm puzzled!

Now I'm going to make you all wait until the end of this post before I announce the winner of my giveaway. But first let me thank all of you who participated and recommended books!
Well, I finally got some time this weekend to play with my new camera. Boy it has alot of features and does alot! I still haven't mastered it, but have a feel for it at this point in time. I must say that I will probably never use all the features of this camera, but it does have many features that would serve well to anyone who travels alot, takes photos indoor, outdoor, at night, underwater even! Just to refresh, it's a Sony Cyber shot.
So here's a couple of bracelets that I've finished, that I had mentioned learning the new technique a couple of weeks ago. One is for me, and the other one will be available........

And now the reason for the pause.......goes into my next topic of today's blog title post; Before posting here, I was checking out some other blogs that I follow and landed…