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A Poor turn out

Yesterday's craft show (can I say this plain and simple?) SUCKED!
Poor advertising, poor location, and local competition. Shall I continue? I had second thoughts about blogging today, since I am not in a great mood today. Not only was the show a loss; I'm worrying about paying current bills, now the foot doctor wants money, saying insurance didn't cover certain things (that I should have been advised of before hand), and I have a blown tire on my car (an expensive cost as I have a sports/luxury car with big 17 inch tires on)
I'm drifting, I know.
The show: location was a bit out of the way, and down the street was a big juried annual show, where all the people were.

A restaurant across the street from location:

I don't think we even had 30 people come through the doors.

Yeah, these photos kinda sum it up.
I only made back my booth fee due to a friend stopping by and making a purchase. Really, I lost money, because I donated a rather expensive necklace for a raffle basket…