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Things have gotten smaller

Have you noticed? I made this discovery during a grocery shopping trip. Well, really upon getting home, opening a package and cooking something. Maybe you've noticed it too. Companies are making their products smaller.
Take for instance, the local newspaper. They have cut the size down so the paper is smaller. Now this is a good thing for the environment; I'm not complaining about that.
For a long time now, I have loved DiGiorno pizza. I don't know if you have noticed that they have cut the size down a bit. And what about the pizza/combo? Do you think you're getting more with your pizza that includes, bread sticks, wings, or cookies?
Well from personal experience, I can tell you the cookies are good, but the company has cut back on the quality and ingredients of the pizza, so you are not really getting a deal here.
I've noticed this in bottled beverages as well. Some companies have gone metric, leading the consumer to think that they are getting more product, when th…