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The 100 thing challenge~ a book review

Author Dave Bruno writes of his personal experience to combat what he calls, "American consumerism", by taking one year of his life and trying to live with just 100 possessions. In order to do this he must choose what is important to him, and find ways to discard what is not. He sets a list of his own rules, and makes sure, to let everyone know that this is his own personal challenge. In conclusion, he continues to try to live life with fewer than 100 personal items. In the appendix of the book, he offers a look at how to do your own challenge.

My take away from the book: I found the writing very repetitive. It's as if the author was doing a "term paper" with a minimun 200 page requirement. I did not like some of his wording. For example, Bruno touches on the fact that he is a Christian, then proceeds to say things like, "I took a piss".....

I don't really see any shocking moments of wonder, or any deep meaning, or spiritual awakenings offer…