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Tarpon Springs fine art festival on the bayou~ A review

This is my experience and my own opinion of the Tarpon Springs fine art festival from April 8-9, 2017.
This fine art show has a reputation of large crowds; waiting to get in early upon opening the gate, and (mostly) a large buying crowd.
This year, the show did not live up to its reputation.

My booth was situated near one of the entrances to the show, near the arts building, but up on a side walk "ledge" where people would have to step up to get into the booths.
To one side I had a fabulous pottery and glass artist (museum quality); on the other side were wood workers who made handmade children's toys/puzzles, which were all hand cut, carved, painted-very detailed.

Saturday had a slow start (crowd wise). The folks (with the handmade toys) told me that there was such a drop in crowds; that people were usually waiting at the gate to get in and this was not the case this year. The clay/glass artist said that maybe this was "not his type of customer". Sales we…