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Sales, tales, and more

Well, the Ebay experiment is over. I listed a number of items for 2 weeks. 7 days, no luck, then relisted and sold 2 items! Yeah! O.k. so I only broke even, but at least I got exposure and 2 customers, who hopefully will be repeat customers!
I have to mention tonight is SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL at my Etsy shop: . 20 % OFF EVERY ITEM IN SHOP! See details at my home page.
Well, I finally finished the necklace and bracelet that I mentioned before. Nice sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet in earth tones with Kazuri beads and a focal bead made by Moon Stumpp.

And the necklace (also made with Moon Stumpp's beads) with the copper that I had missing findings I was looking for. Well, I never did find the copper jump rings that I was looking for, so I created a coiled, sort of eye pin myself that completed the necklace.

I wanted something sturdy that would not open and hold the double chain and the weight of the beads. I used green kyanite gemston…