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Gemstone Myths and Lore Part 3

This is the third in a series of gemstone lore, A to Z. This issue's picks are:

QUARTZ: A wide variety of quartz in various colors can be found commonly. Many call clear or pointed quartz, just "crystals". Quartz has long been used throughout history by shamans and in religious ceremonies for their "so called" magical and mystical powers. Rose quartz, or pink quartz is quite commonly used to attract love, to help one show love, or anything having to do with beauty.
It has been found in tombs of Egypt, thought to be used as a beautification aid and often used in facial masks. Smokey quartz found in South America is said to hold an "earth" energy and is used for grounding one's energy. It is said to help with depression and negative emotions.

various types of quartz
RHODOCHROSITE: Discovered by the Incas, it was believed that the blood of ancient Inca rulers turned to stone in this form. It was long treasured by the people, and sometimes referred to as …