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Cast of Characters by Max Lucado~ A book review

This book is a compilation from previous books by Max Lucado, featuring some of the greatest stories in the Bible of common people whom God has chosen to use for the good of all humankind. The author, without changing the characters or stories, retells them for a modern day audience, hoping that the reader will get a glimpse of himself in these historical Biblical teachings.
I must admit that I have never read any of Max Lucado’s work, so I was unfamiliar with his style of writing. At first, I was not impressed, and still some chapters I did not connect with, but I came to enjoy his personal insights and explanations overall.
Each chapter is devoted to a single topic of thought. The chapters are short and easy to read. The author adds a list of questions at the end of each chapter for discussion; many of which do open one’s mind to explore insights one might not have pondered. The author is good at this. Some of the questions do refer the reader back to Bible passages for further …