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This week has been interesting. Very, very, interesting. I had some personal issues to attend to, other people's personal issues, and just stuff. Not all worth mentioning. I did go to the local bead show yesterday and got some new beads. I was mainly looking to buy some copper, now that I'm doing more with copper, plus, just think how pretty a rich oxidized patina will look on all the fall jewelry and fashion trends this year. I got some spacers, and some larger beads too that will work well with heavier gauge wire that I use in my bracelet designs.

Oh, and I got a new strand of lampwork beads from an artist who is new to me and I think her first time at this particular bead show. Stacey Kroft, of "One Sweet Bead" makes some pretty awesome beads. I got this set of organic shaped beads; the photo does not do them justice. So pretty! Boro beads with colors of green, amber, orange, earthy looking, I think. I'm thinking of making a bracelet and a pendant. Just for a c…