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Good art shows in Florida are getting harder to find

That is, for the artist, I mean. There are many fine art shows for patrons of the arts to attend. We have no loss of artistic talent here.
What I'm talking about is actual "buying customers". It seems that we have a population here, of elderly people and retirees, who do not have any money, and are just out for a walk. Basically, looking for entertainment for the day or weekend.

Now there are many reasons why this is so. First of all, let me blame the bad economy that I hear has been getting better, well, I have not seen that here in Florida.
The second problem is that we have too many "arts and crafts" shows in Florida. And I think that the average shopper cannot make the distinction about what classifies as a "craft" show, and a "fine art" show. And since they cannot tell the difference between mass produced, cheap materials, and assembled items, as apposed to fine craftsmenship~whether it be of metalsmithing, painting, profession…