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My weight loss journey

In the spirit of "you never know what you'll get", here on the blog, I've decided to share my weight loss journey.
The facts are these: I have lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers. It has taken over a year. And now I'm stuck. At a plateau, they say. I want to loose another 25 pounds. So I decided to set a BIG goal for myself.
I want to run a 5K. At the Disney World marathon in January of 2019. I have given myself 15 months to prepare.

So I figure that setting this goal and training for it will get me over the hump, and unstuck to loose this additional weight. Plus journaling in this way, may keep me accountable, if only to myself.

We are big Disney fans, so I like to think of running this particular 5K would be a great reward!

Today is the first day I'm recording my journey. I'm basically starting as a beginner walking. Today's early morning walk was 4600 steps, about 1.6 miles, which is about half of a 5K (3.1 miles). Not too bad, I think, as …