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Trying to find balance and “me time”

It’s come to this. I’m way too tired trying to find balance in my life. After doing my last show this month has left me overworked, unsatisfied and full of questions about the future. Working a full time job, trying to work and run a business on the side which consists of doing live art shows and keeping an on-line store alive, plus keeping a relationship fresh and running a household---there just aren’t enough hours in the days, or weeks, or energy to master.
I just don’t know how some folks do it. Keeping an on-line presence takes A LOT of time. From setting up a website, keeping it fresh with new products, promotion, blogging, social media attention; it’s a full time job in itself.
What I’ve decided about art shows; maybe I’ve done my last. It takes so much time, money and effort, (physical and mental) to do them. Show fees are usually high, especially if you want to get into a good show. You must compete with other vendors/artists, not only in what you make, but, I’ve disc…