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On my mind

There's been some major changes going on in my life lately and I wanted to blog about it. I've had a good week, relaxed, working on new projects, lots of new things on my blog, new groups, etc. So I've been feeling pretty good about these changes, then last night a friend called and asked me what I was doing, and I kind of fell off my cloud so to speak. And I started worrying.....
O.k., what am I doing? I started to feel a little bit alone. You see, I haven't worked outside the house all week, haven't been around too many people, or talked to many either. Am I isolating? Let's see...what can I worry about? the bills, the car, employment, my sanity; even this blog! I know many others read this, but I started wondering about that too! Hey is anybody out there! How about posting a comment or two? I was even tense about blogging today!
What is it all about? FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes, I've had an attack of the "mind" and I'm too much i…