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Keeping it real

Since I like to write this like a journal on my jewelry making journey, I figured I would share my experience for today. As I mentioned in a previous post about exploring more local shops and galleries to sell my jewelry in, I did apply to 2 galleries which are juried ie: you must be voted in by board members.
So when I got home from work today, in a rainy down pour; checking the mail box....I see my own hand writing on a big envelope which lets me know that I've gotten notice, (and my photos) back from one of the galleries. This was the BIG one that I really hoped to get into.
Now, what I always do, is go to a gallery or shop first to check it out. See what types of items they carry, jewelry, etc. And I check over the shop as well, to see what type of feel or appeal that it has. I never blindly just ask a shop to carry my work or apply without checking it out first! And if I feel like my work will fit in at a perspective location, then I make a move.
Moving right along to the punch,…