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Since I like to write this like a journal on my jewelry making journey, I figured I would share my experience for today. As I mentioned in a previous post about exploring more local shops and galleries to sell my jewelry in, I did apply to 2 galleries which are juried ie: you must be voted in by board members.
So when I got home from work today, in a rainy down pour; checking the mail box....I see my own hand writing on a big envelope which lets me know that I've gotten notice, (and my photos) back from one of the galleries. This was the BIG one that I really hoped to get into.
Now, what I always do, is go to a gallery or shop first to check it out. See what types of items they carry, jewelry, etc. And I check over the shop as well, to see what type of feel or appeal that it has. I never blindly just ask a shop to carry my work or apply without checking it out first! And if I feel like my work will fit in at a perspective location, then I make a move.
Moving right along to the punch, I got my first rejection letter from a juried gallery. Am I upset? Nah. I'm sure it's just the first of many to come. I've been told to get ready and used to rejection, because you cannot please everyone, or have the look that may appeal to a certain shop. At a certain time, that is. So, I'll try again, next season, or next year.
It puzzles me though, as to why I was not picked. I sent in 5 photos of my best work, complete bio, artist's statement and pricing page. I received back a nice letter which does state that they critique on craftsmanship, price points, and representation of media. Here's just a couple of what I sent in.

So, I just move along from here. This now opens the opportunity for me to search out more local shops in that particular area and try again. Keep on keeping on. Keep on working at my craft, learn and grow.
Now, at least I have a nice little promo pack put together to work with!

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