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Last weekend's show

It was a pretty good show, dispite the wind and lack of the expected crowd turnout. I had steady sales most of the day, but nothing that big. For a juried show, my expectations may have been a bit high. It was s windy, that I thought it would be a good idea to at least put up my back wall. Not a good idea. It served more like a sail, pulling the tent forward. Now I wish I would have bought the mesh curtains that I was thinking about buying before I made this investment. But the walls are needed also, especially if I'm doing a 2 day event. Here's a few photos from the show; early after set up- they are not the greatest.

My booth neighbor: he makes metal sculptures from recycling old washing machines.

The park was much smaller that I expected. Only about 25-30 booths.

I did manage to get a custom order from this show, that I need to get working on this week. Then I have another show on Sunday. I'm in my state of creative chaos this week. I forgot that I had to work 3 days this …