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Beauty DNA~ a monthly subscription service

And one that is slowly becoming my favorite. Beauty DNA customizes a beauty match with a report for you based on your answers to their thorough questionaire. For $25.00 a month, you'll receive a full size product based on your beauty concerns. You can read more about the process and their brands here.

This month I even got a bonus product! The "JuJu bar" is a day time facial soap said to treat large pores, dull skin and skin that lacks radiance. All things that I mentioned in my profile. Never heard of this brand, (Drunk Elephant) but I am looking forward to trying out this product. It retails for $32.00!
My bonus product is a hair product, by Briogeo, "Be gentle, Be kind". It's a Co-wash. It's so funny that I got this, after raving about the Macadamia co-wash, but also because I put this one on my Sephora wish list! This one retails for $20.00, so you see that you do get more than your money's worth with this subscription service. I will b…