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Etsy Forums~Just for beginners?

The Etsy forums is a place where sellers and buyers can go to browse topics, search out groups, teams, featured merchandise, or ask questions. Some groups are closed to members only, while others are open so all can read through them.
I've been a member of Etsy since 2008, and belong to 29 teams, yes, 29. And lately, I have to ask myself, why do I bother posting in the forums? Are they just for beginners to get information about how to run an Etsy shop? Are they just there so shop owners can connect with other shop owners and chat? (Must be nice to have all that extra time.)

I belong to some groups that appear to be "dead" as in no one but myself and maybe another member ever post in them. What happened to the moderator? What has happened to the group? Why are they still existing? This seems to be misleading to other members if this group is indeed, "dead", shouldn't something be done, like closing the group so others don't waste their time post…