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A cup of mudd

Here's how I start my day. Get up, start the coffee, feed the cats.....
Gotta have that coffee! My typical morning includes 2 mugs like this. Why does is look like mud? It's that creamer! So I'm trying to be healthy, and I'm buying the generic fat-free half & half. What's the deal with it? I can never get my coffee to that light, creamy color and taste no matter how much cream I instill. O.k. o.k., I know, it's the fat content that I'm missing. Well, not really, I already have enough of that around my mid-section, that's why I'm buying the fat-free version!
And I've tried those "others"; fat-free french vanilla, Irish cream, etc. Yeah, they taste real good and give me the false sense of fullness, and have me speeding around my house like I'm on drugs or something, until my blood sugar crashes and I feel sick.
Why not try a weaker strength coffee you ask? Does this mean anything to you?

Alright, I have to admit, I'd given up th…