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What a week

I hesitated to post today, even though it's been about a week since my last. My mood is not that great today. The new job that I started this week, ended today. (This was the P/T sewing job, that I mentioned previously.) I just knew today, that I would not be able to do the job.
I've mentioned before that I used to sew, some years ago, and made swimsuits, so when I saw the ad placed for a seamstress, I thought I'd try it out. I could not get used to the industrial machines. They really wanted a professional swimsuit maker to come in and just pick it up and be making production; like on the first day. I struggled too much. I knew it; the lady that hired me knew it too.
It is such a blow to the ego, especially when you've been doing work for so many years;when you know who you are (pretty much so anyway); what you're capable of; and where you're going (or like to be going.)
I'm trying to go easy on myself, but I tend to be such a perfectionist abo…