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52 Little lessons from It's a Wonderful Life~a book review

52 Little lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life~ by Bob Welch
Life lessons from the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Author Bob Welch offers 52 lessons, infused with spirituality, being good to others, having faith, humility, and finding value in one’s life. The book contains some scriptural reference, as well as some historical film facts that may be interesting to some readers.
As I started to read this book, I found it interesting and a “feel good” read. But about half way though, it seemed to get repetitive. The same lessons, just reworded. And also, the author used some of the same quotes from the movie more than once. So it became a little bit boring to read cover to cover.
I think the writing format; 52 lessons, i.e.: 52 weeks of the year, is meant just for that. Read one chapter (one lesson) for each week of the year, and then some of the points mentioned would be reinforced and not seem repetitive. So I think this would make a nice gift book. Overall, for me, an …