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Getting ready for the show

I've just finished loading my car for the show and am now having my pre-show diet Mountain Dew to get ready for tonight. It's my first night show. Now you know what I discovered? All that I'm selling fits into a handbag, and the rest of the stuff; which is 3 trips to the car with a hand truck full; is all for display! What a lot of stuff! The tent, tables, chair, banner, weights, display items etc. Unbelievable!
Anyway, here's a couple of bracelets that I managed to finish to take to tonight's show for their debut.
Photos were taken on my lanai, in natural daylight.
New copper cuffs

Priced reasonably, I might add.

I'm taking my camera tonight, not sure what kind of photos I'll get, but I don't think I've tried this camera at night, so it will be an experiment. Wish me well!