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Can you believe it?

December 18: I just can't believe that Christmas is next week! I wanted to post something today, since I normally only post a couple of times a week, and usually when I have something to say, show off new jewelry pieces I've made, or just catch up. So I'm participating in a "blog experiment" this week with my new friends at B-who-U-R, a new social network, and wanted to check in just so every one's knows that I'm still here and participating!
I must tell you all, that I love reading your blogs; they are so inspiring to me. Sometimes just what I need to get me going again. And always good for a laugh as well!
So this week I've been on a couple of interviews for work. One I'm hoping for (it's part-time and would allow me lots of time to work on my jewelry business), the other one almost made me sick to my stomach. I don't want to work in my chosen field. At least not now. And not full time. So why did I even bother to send them my resume? I re…