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Thank you's

Just wanted to thank Becca at Adobesoldesings for my new jewelry! You see I can stop shopping and buying what I truely love! Check out her blog: And also the great lampwork artist who's beads are great to create designs with!

I love yoga

Good morning! I just completed my morning yoga routine. Ahh, feels so good. I haven't done yoga for a couple of weeks now and I really can feel the difference when I don't. I've been a student of yoga for probably 30 years now, Yes, that's right, 30 years! I have to admit I hate to exercise these days, but not yoga. I love it! I love breathing and getting connected to the earth, and grounding myself; great for stress reduction too! So is beading!, check out this site for yoga, if you are new or not. Also check out Namaste' Yoga on FitTV for a good class! I'd love to hear others comment on yoga.
I think I'll find a yoga blog group at blogcatalog.
This weekend I'm feeling like doing some wire work. A few projects in mind, I'll post pictures later as I finish projects.