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Change is good

I mentioned a few posts ago,that some changes were coming soon. First of all, I FINALLY got a new (day) job! So exciting. I have really needed a change for over a year now, and it has finally come. ~Patience is a virtue~
I am grateful for this chance to step out and try something new, while I feel that learning some humility is in the works as well.
I'll be working 5 days a week (haven't done that in over 7 years), but still part-time hours.

View my newest bangle here.

This does mean that certain things will have to change in my jewelry business, and my social networking time will have to be cut down.

I've decided to take my jewelry out of one of the galleries that I'm in. This past year has not been profitable in that location for me, and quite honestly, it's costing me money having the items there, when I could be taking them to shows and selling them myself. Then, of course, this is a consignment gallery- yet another reason for me to make the change.
And I d…