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A hard walk

Today I tracked 2.77 miles. My usual route. Did some "sprints"-what I'm calling speeding up as fast as I can walk, with slow down intervals.
Note to self: must have phone completely charged if I want the walking app to work.

Today's walk was a bit challenging. It wore me out. I think it's because I did not eat a proper snack before I went, and I was really hungry for breakfast too. Heavy breathing; a bit dizzy, then a headache. Not properly hydrated I'm guessing.

The weather has begun to change (finally); it was nice and cool this morning.
Thoughts on this morning's walk: It's just one of those days. I'll take the good with the not so good-I won't say bad, because I don't consider any exercise as bad. Did my proper stretching, before and after, cooled down, ate breakfast and drank lots of water.
I saw an osprey up in a tree with the beautiful orangey sunrise in the background. Would have made a nice photo, but I couldn't slo…