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What's in that box?

Have you seen this? Little Black Boxes, a cool way to try a large number of sample items from various independent retailers, ie: small businesses.
What they do: Each month a new "box" is offered for a reasonable price and you get about 15-20 samples of products to try.
What they offer: This is a great way for small businesses to get noticed, get their product in your hands, and hopefully score some new customers.

I have gotten to try new skin and body care products this way. It's always fun to open it up and check out all the goodies!
Now here's a tip that I've done with them. When I have a home jewelry show or open house, what I do is let my customer pick an item out of the bag, without looking of course, and they get a surprise goodie to take home too! I would guess to say that there are many ways that you could use these: hostess gifts, teenager sleep over party gifts, package up items in a basket to create a unique variety gift basket for someone.
There is also an…