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Happy Monday and new jewelry!

I finally got through photographing and pricing my new pieces. I've been playing around with the photos, some on the dark background that I've been doing, which I feel, make my jewelry look more professional and "gallery" like.

"organic mint lampwork beads and copper"

And some in light backgrounds. I finally managed to take some in natural light, which is quite the challenge in my home. There is really nowhere in the house where I can access a window, where I can take photos. The best spot seems to be out on the patio, which is a crowded area, and I don't have much room to move.

It seems that Etsy wants everyone to have their photos in natural light. To all look the same. So my question is: "How do you stand out among the rest, if you have a similar product, and all the photos a shopper may scan through look the same?"

My new sterling bangles

I've searched "sterling silver bangles" on Etsy just to see what came up, and there are so ma…