Happy Monday and new jewelry!

I finally got through photographing and pricing my new pieces. I've been playing around with the photos, some on the dark background that I've been doing, which I feel, make my jewelry look more professional and "gallery" like.

"organic mint lampwork beads and copper"

And some in light backgrounds. I finally managed to take some in natural light, which is quite the challenge in my home. There is really nowhere in the house where I can access a window, where I can take photos. The best spot seems to be out on the patio, which is a crowded area, and I don't have much room to move.

It seems that Etsy wants everyone to have their photos in natural light. To all look the same. So my question is: "How do you stand out among the rest, if you have a similar product, and all the photos a shopper may scan through look the same?"

My new sterling bangles

I've searched "sterling silver bangles" on Etsy just to see what came up, and there are so many, all similar and most photographed in natural light. So does it come down to price for the average shopper in order to choose an item that they like and will commit to buy? I don't know.
You know this post didn't start out this way, and I didn't see I would take it in this direction. I had so many other things to talk about, I guess that will wait for another day. (let's not get overwhelmed here)
Oh, I did want to mention my new email sign up form, which you can find in the sidebar. You can sign up for specials and new products that no one else will receive, specials just for my email list friends and customers.
BTW: I have not listed the above jewelry items yet, so if you want something, please leave a comment with you email address so I can get back to you!
Enjoy the day!

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I think the copper stands out nicely against the black background. I say do what works for you and not what works for everyone else. Sometimes being different is what it takes to be noticed :)

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