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Today's Tool Tip

How did I ever live without a cordless, hand powered bead reamer? For the longest time I used an old standard, screw in the pin and crank your hand around and press and turn until I had blisters and sometimes no results with a bead! I'm stubborn that way; until recently I finally broken down, and decided to spend the money and get a battery operated one. WOW! What a difference! Now I can enlarge a bead opening in seconds flat, with no pain!

I gone one like this, which cost about $22.00. Many sellers on Etsy do sell them.
Or if you want to get an electric one, they cost around $42.00. I've seen those on Etsy also, or you can get them at Rio Grande.
You can actually see a demo of bead reaming by one of my favorite teachers and designers, Sharilyn Miller, by clicking here.