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Sunday: Not as exciting as I thought

That kinda sums it up. I thought I would have some exciting news, well I do have one thing... but I'll hold off for a bit.... I thought I would have another new bracelet complete to show you, but did not happen. What did I do today? Loads and loads of laundry!

And spent some time "studying" my new camera's instruction manual. 50 pages, and now I have to download the CD disc to learn more!

Did I mention I'm electronically challenged?

Now let me get to the good stuff: IT'S TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY! Since I have been blessed with good things lately, I'd like to offer this bracelet, as a giveaway.

It's one of my pure copper cuff style bracelets from the "Ancient World's" series. This one just does not live up to my standards for sale, although it is very nice and wearable. It will fit a size 7 inch wrist.

O.K. So what do you have to do to be entered?
~follow my blog~ 1 entry
~become a Facebook fan, click on top box to go there~ 1 entry
~make a purchase …