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Week 3 weigh in

Weight loss this week: down 2.2 pounds
Well, the program is working, although I am constantly hungry and sometimes shaky. What I think I'm doing wrong is not using my points to the best of my advantage. I think I'm trying to save up my points for dinner. Which I have discovered that I have alot of points left at the end of the day, but I'm hungry all day long.
I need those calories to fuel me throughout the day. So I'll work on changing this, this week.
I'm trying to buy produce at farmer's markets and not the grocery store. I think I'll save money, and hopefully get fresher, better tasting produce this way.
There is a great recipe for "balsamic strawberries" found in this book:

I know, sounds weird, but really tastes good. I'm going to use up my strawberries and make it today.