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Life Promises for Couples~ a book review

Life Promises for Couples by Gary Chapman
Dr. Gary Chapman brings us another wonderful book on improving our relationships. In this book he offers to the reader, “God’s promises for you and your spouse.” With Dr. Chapman’s years of marriage counseling, and pastoral studies, he interprets love, as written in Bible verses, and how we can apply them to our relationships.
I must admit that I am a big fan of Dr. Chapman’s teachings. I do own a few of his books, including his highly acclaimed; “The Five Love Languages”,
which describes how each person has his or her own way of feeling loved by another, and how one can learn to express that to their companion’s, in other words, to “speak their partner’s language, thus bringing a relationship closer together.
He teaches amazing information that I have used in my own marriage.
“Life Promises for Couples” would make a great companion book to others in Dr. Chapman’s series on love, and it would also make a nice gift book for couples. It is a b…