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What a nice Sunday!~ post show update

It was a good show last Sunday. I did not think it would be though. The early morning hours, I had no one that wanted to stop and look. Plus I was not in the best of moods. I was cranky, a little stressed and nervous and bossy! My Mom and husband helped as I dictated orders of how I wanted the tent set up, etc. (They probably wished they had stayed home in bed!) About 9:00 a.m., and after eating something, I at least got more comfortable and started to relax a bit. And then ran my mouth all day, talking to everyone who walked by and the sales followed!
I sold most of all my new pieces that I haven't even really taken photos of or posted in my Etsy shop.

My booth, complete with new banner

The pier behind my booth~ we were right along the water

My Mom taking a photo of me, in the booth

I wanted to take more photos of ladies trying on my necklaces, and a lady who purchased an anklet and chose to wear it right then, but it was too busy! (which was good!)
Now I really have to buckle down and…