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Mock show set up

A couple of days away from my next show. I recently decided to change my display around a bit, and I bought some new cork display pieces that are really nice. It's always a good idea to do a set up before a show, so you can get an idea about where you want you're items to be on your table and how to make the best display possible to showcase your work and to draw the customer in.

Using height in your display helps attract the eye to your work. Also varying heights helps move the eye around your display. I like this new look. It is quite clean, polished looking, and not crammed full of too much to take in.

I have always used my rust colored table cloth. It seems to work well with my style. I tend to do artsy, ethnic, or southwestern style pieces. And I love working with earthy colors as well.

As things change, I imagine my display will be a work in progress too. Great display ideas are available at Rio Grande.
If you are in the Tampa Bay area on Friday night, stop by the Safety Ha…