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Chain, links and collars

No, I'm not talking about a heavy metal or punk video! I finally, got to take photos of the latest things we made in class. Let me first show you the necklace that I've been working on (or should I say, that's been "working on my nerves") the past couple of weeks!

It's a copper collar necklace with a "gifted pendant". Stacy taught us one week to wrap the pendant using sheet metal. It looks like a gift wrapped box!

This wasn't the original bead that I took to class to work on, so I brought it home, disassembled it and remade it.
Next week's class we worked with the heavy gauge wire in the choker and making the coils. The coils; not a problem for me, as I've made them before, but the collar was fun (not) working with. Takes some practice to get the shape right. Then the issue of oxidizing and polishing. The thing's too big to fit in my container that I use for oxidizing, so I had to do it by hand, sort of paint on method. And since it wou…