Chain, links and collars

No, I'm not talking about a heavy metal or punk video! I finally, got to take photos of the latest things we made in class. Let me first show you the necklace that I've been working on (or should I say, that's been "working on my nerves") the past couple of weeks!

It's a copper collar necklace with a "gifted pendant". Stacy taught us one week to wrap the pendant using sheet metal. It looks like a gift wrapped box!

This wasn't the original bead that I took to class to work on, so I brought it home, disassembled it and remade it.
Next week's class we worked with the heavy gauge wire in the choker and making the coils. The coils; not a problem for me, as I've made them before, but the collar was fun (not) working with. Takes some practice to get the shape right. Then the issue of oxidizing and polishing. The thing's too big to fit in my container that I use for oxidizing, so I had to do it by hand, sort of paint on method. And since it wouldn't fit in my tumbler, it had to be hand polished. So glad I've got the Sunshine cloth!
I'm going to give this piece away at a home show that I'm having in June. If I were to keep it for sale, I might have named it, "I will not be defeated", (by metal, that is!)
The last week of class we learned how to make lots of different links for chains. Here are just a few.

The second photo shows a longer coil link bracelet design. This is a prototype for me, as I plan to embellish this style with lamp work beads, and other things in upcoming new jewelry items. I like the coiled swan clasp.
The last photo, started out as links that I liked so much, I decided to turn it into a bracelet for me. It's a chunky look bracelet of shiny, polished, oxidized copper.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!


Anonymous said…
Hey there! I've still been around, but with Casey not really doing anything at her group, I guess I started spending time other places. I know she is really busy, so it's hard to keep at the networking thing. How are you. I love the new pieces! TRULY
beautiful. I made the mistake of changing some working within our url, therefore messed up more links than I can imagine to our site. Here is the main blog:

Have a great day! Thanks for finding me!

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