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Fire and copper

I wanted to show off my new artistic endeavors. Heat oxidized copper. I've seen some pretty fascinating work done with a torch to create beautiful different colors using copper, so I thought I'd have a try at it. I found it really hard to get green. There must be some other chemical applied to achieve this. I'll keep searching and playing.
I also found some new textures to work with which make great patterns on these copper discs.
Lunar Landing

This pair has a lot of orange and gold, and some red, depending on the lighting. I used Mykonos Greek ceramic cube beads and brass findings.

Lunar Haze

This pair definitely has a "haze" to them. You can see a slight rainbow like rim around the edge with violet and gold. I've double lacquered these too, to protect the patina.

Villa Rosa

This pair is a fiery orange copper. These are smaller discs. They were first etched to achieve the design, then domed and heated. I made heat fired copper ear wires for these; the pinkish red b…