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The Undertaker’s Wife~ by Dee Oliver

This is a memoir of the true story told by the author about her life married to a funeral director. It’s a love story that includes loss, laughter, and trusting in God. The author writes with a sense of humor, sometimes in unexpected places, where she finds humor in life. The love and loss she writes about includes her life with her husband and children, working side by side in a funeral home, and his untimely death. What follows proves to be a “trusting in God” that things will turn out for the better.
I enjoyed reading this memoir. True stories tend to be some of my favorite reads. I found it interesting, reading about death, and the “business” of dying. The author makes it seem “matter of fact” like. She is a strong woman, who gathers strength in her faith.
The book is based in two sections; the first being Dee Oliver’s story about meeting, and marrying Johnnie Oliver, and their years together, working side by side in their funeral home. The last section is written in a…