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My weekend review

Post Holizaar Deux. I had a good weekend doing this show in St. Petersburg. The first day we had alot of traffic, and I was making many sales, as were the other vendors. The Studio@620 was a great location, good space, a fun and funky, relaxed atmosphere.

They also served lunch and beverages that you could purchase in the rear of the building.
My booth:

Now the only thing missing that I could use is a banner, which I will eventually get. Didn't think I would need it for this show as we were told that we could not hang anything on the walls, as the studio did have artist's work up in various spots.
I got my little table lamps at Target when they were on sale for $5.00 each! A good deal, and I'm glad I got them.

Here's Coralette of The Crafty Hag on Etsy. One of the promoters of this event.

And here's Shannon of Boogiehead on Etsy; also involved in pulling this show together.

The second day of the show started out slow. I mean, the first 2 hours were slow. I was getting tir…