My weekend review

Post Holizaar Deux. I had a good weekend doing this show in St. Petersburg. The first day we had alot of traffic, and I was making many sales, as were the other vendors. The Studio@620 was a great location, good space, a fun and funky, relaxed atmosphere.

They also served lunch and beverages that you could purchase in the rear of the building.
My booth:

Now the only thing missing that I could use is a banner, which I will eventually get. Didn't think I would need it for this show as we were told that we could not hang anything on the walls, as the studio did have artist's work up in various spots.
I got my little table lamps at Target when they were on sale for $5.00 each! A good deal, and I'm glad I got them.

Here's Coralette of The Crafty Hag on Etsy. One of the promoters of this event.

And here's Shannon of Boogiehead on Etsy; also involved in pulling this show together.

The second day of the show started out slow. I mean, the first 2 hours were slow. I was getting tired. And hoping for some sales that day. Can your face hurt from smiling too much? Yes, it can! Anyway, I had 2 really good sales which made my day and made Sunday worth while.
I got to use Propay alot, as many customers were using their credit cards. I found it quite easy to use. I just called in the transactions on my cell phone and it voice prompts you through all the steps. Pretty simple.

Setting up and breaking down was pretty easy too. It was great to be indoors and not have to wrestle with a tent.
And I still have not seen a photo with me in it that I am willing to post. Some others took photos so one might get circulated! I'll have to check others' blogs and Facebook. Overall, an enjoyable show, that I would do again, but 2 days can be tiring, so I'd hope for lots of traffic.
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Anonymous said…
Your table looks terrific. I am so glad the show was successful!

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