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Jump Rings and Revelations

I spent part of yesterday making jump rings and completing some new jewelry pieces. I somewhat hate making jump rings! It's just the repetitiveness of them, I guess. The coiling,cutting,filing,shaping. As you can see, my nails and fingers take a toll. Well, the photo doesn't look bad, but I've broken 3 nails,and have 5 new cuts. I won't be winning any beauty contests (with my hands) anytime soon.

I have not worked my regular day job all week. I finally got to the doctor's and have been on steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and topical ointments and rest all week.
I have not been able to bend over, or bend my back much at all. Benn has helped by taking care of the cats and some things that I cannot do.
Now here's the revelation: I can REALLY feel the difference in all aspects of my mind, moods and emotions. I am at peace. I am happy. I am light-hearted, feel free and full of creativity.
This is NOT how I feel on an average day of work. I have nothing left to give a…