Jump Rings and Revelations

I spent part of yesterday making jump rings and completing some new jewelry pieces. I somewhat hate making jump rings! It's just the repetitiveness of them, I guess. The coiling,cutting,filing,shaping. As you can see, my nails and fingers take a toll. Well, the photo doesn't look bad, but I've broken 3 nails,and have 5 new cuts. I won't be winning any beauty contests (with my hands) anytime soon.

I have not worked my regular day job all week. I finally got to the doctor's and have been on steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and topical ointments and rest all week.
I have not been able to bend over, or bend my back much at all. Benn has helped by taking care of the cats and some things that I cannot do.
Now here's the revelation: I can REALLY feel the difference in all aspects of my mind, moods and emotions. I am at peace. I am happy. I am light-hearted, feel free and full of creativity.
This is NOT how I feel on an average day of work. I have nothing left to give after a 10 hour day of dealing with clients, animals, and generally working for someone else. This says a lot. It's like night and day.
I enjoy my early mornings of quiet, meditative time. I am not rushed around trying to get out of the house. My mind is clear. I am enjoying the beauty of nature, and just looking out the window and really seeing the green colors of the grass and trees.
This is how I felt last year, when I was out of work. Of course there was the fear of unemployment, and not being able to pay the mortgage or car payments. But I managed to stay in faith, and let God handle it. A book, that I've read comes to mind, "Do what you love, and the money will follow". But what do you do in the mean time? Another book comes to mind, "Enjoying where you are, on the way to where you are going".
Faith is one thing, but with the economy still in a crunch, it is very difficult to just say, "I'll survive somehow as a starving artist". I don't think I will enjoy the trees so much if I am out there living under them in a cardboard box. It's a tough struggle, mentally and emotionally.
Maybe I should go reread those 2 books.

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I totally hear you on the job thing!!! I was laid off last year for 6 months and REALLY enjoyed my time off!!! It was nice knowing I had the chance to get called back, but now that I'm back...I HATE it!!! I can tell a change in my mood as well on workdays!
Here's to hoping we both find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)
cindy said…
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I'm not alone!

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