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Jewelry making tip of the day

Topic: Polishing
As I frequently do, I like to share tips and resources for others, just as many have helped me along my jewelry making path.
So today, while cleaning and polishing a necklace for someone, I came across this bottle of JEWELRY SOAP. I almost forgot that I had this. It works great on silver and gems.

I got this tip at a workshop I took a long while ago. It comes with a toothbrush like brush to gently scrub your jewelry. It really shines a piece nicely. I picked it up at Wal-Mart; as you can see, pretty cheap too.
Two other polishing cloths that I like to recommend are: the Sunshine Cloth and Pro polishing pads. I use each for different finishes. The Sunshine cloth is great, I think the best to use on copper. Here's a copper bracelet that I made, and some connectors polished up using the Sunshine Cloth.

The Pro polishing pads I use when I oxidize silver. They act somewhat like steel wool but less messy to use. And they last longer than steel wool.
You can purchase these in …